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  • To check the direction of the Broadband Everywhere satellite click on the link below. All you need to do is put your postcode in the 'Your Location' box and click 'Go' and the direction will be shown.

  • To see the Broadband Everywhere coverage click on the link below.

    Broadband Everywhere Coverage

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  • Yes! Earn £10 for simply recommending a friend. Sign up here and everyone who uses your "friend code" will earn you £10 off your next subscription!

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  • Always-on two-way satellite connectivity
  • Maximum download speed of up to 20 Mbit/s
  • Maximum upload speed of up to 2 Mbit/s
  • Static UK IP Address
  • Free internet security software
  • TCP enhancement and pre-fetching for faster page loading
  • Rain fade countermeasures
  • Ethernet 10/100 baseT modem connection
  • Compact 75cm dish
  • Combined LNB and transmitter